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Beautiful custom pen & gold ink calligraphy wedding dinner place card with the name, Paige.
Make Memories Last Forever
Capture the moments with calligraphy and hand engraving

Hello, I’m Rochelle Nabal, a calligrapher and hand engraver based on Oahu, Hawaii. I absolutely love what I do. I put my heart and soul into every project whether it's for a live event, a brand activation, a special occasion or a keepsake.  Every stroke, letter and word I create is an art form.  It's beautifully done by hand and infused with love and care that no machine or computer can replicate. 

The moment the recipient receives your personalized gift, it becomes a memory that can be treasured for a lifetime.

Pointed Pen Calligraphy
Beautiful ivory stationary using pointed pen and ink calligraphy in gold.

Pointed Pen Calligraphy

Elevate your gift and stationary with beautiful pointed pen and ink calligraphy. From beautifully written envelopes to wedding place cards, every piece will truly be unique and leave a lasting impression. It's where romance meets pen and paper.

• Quotes

• Love Letters

• Gift Cards

• Gift Tags

• Place Cards

• Envelopes

• Packaging

Luxury Hand Engraving

• Wine and Liquor Bottles

• Luxury Perfume Bottles

• Wedding Party Gifts

• Stainless Steel Hydro flasks, Yeti

• Cosmetic Beauty Items
• Glass Candles

• Glassware

• Plaques 


Personalize and hand engrave a short message, name or date to create an unforgettable and meaningful one-of-a-kind gift.  Recipients will keep your gift as beautiful keepsakes or heirlooms to remind them of that precious moment, special person, or event for years to come.

Luxury Hand Engraving
Hand Painted Champagne Calligraphy
Personalize anniversary message on a champagne bottle using hand painted calligraphy in gold

Hand Painted
Champagne Calligraphy

Personalize any champagne bottle with hand painted calligraphy.  From the celebration of a special occasion to a gesture of appreciation, your gift will be unique and like no other.

*Champagne bottles cannot be engraved due to the nature of it being pressurized. Engraving them will compromise the integrity of the bottle and risk exploding.

Currently Partners with:

Kaka'ako Wine logo
Brand Activation & Live Event

Brand Activation &
Live Event

Create an unforgettable brand experience at your next corporate event or special celebration. From hand engraving on fragrance bottles, cosmetic items, or candles to pointed pen and ink calligraphy on event cards, products, packaging and gift tags—you are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with your guest! Your guests can have custom messages, their names or initials handwritten on items that they can take home for a gift or keepsake. All of it done right before their eyes. 

Custom calligraphy on event cards, products, packaging and gift tags can be made in advance for your event. 

Rochelle Nabal, calligrapher and hand engraver at a live engraving event at Neiman Marcus

• New Store Opening

• New Product Launch

• Corporate Events & Gifts

• Award Show Details & Gifts

• Expos & Trade Shows

• Special Occasions and Events

Currently Partners with:

Nordstrom logo
The Queens Medical Center logo
Neiman Marcus logo

The moments you create today are memories to treasure for a lifetime.

- Rochelle Nabal



Rochelle Nabal, a beautiful calligrapher and hand engraver.

About Rochelle

Growing up, my Dad’s penmanship was always something I admired. I always thought everything he wrote was so beautiful. I tried to write like him, but I found the pens I used wouldn’t give me the results I desired. I got frustrated and set it aside. It wasn’t until I discovered pointed pen and ink, that my love for calligraphy was reignited. I took countless classes to learn everything there was to know about pointed pen calligraphy, and I realized the possibilities were endless. Soon after, I was introduced to freehand glass engraving and took courses to refine my skills. The thought of merging hand calligraphy with engraving ignited a passion to create lasting memories for every gift and live event through personalized hand calligraphic engraving.

Some of my clients include Salvatore Ferragamo, Kaka'ako Wine, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Mike's Engraving and Trophie, The Queen's Medical Center, and countless others who were wanting an unforgettable experience.
No two pieces are ever the same and that’s what makes every gift and live
event one-of-a-kind and memorable.


For lasting memories, contact me for your next brand activation, live event, special occasion or one-of-a-kind personalized gift.

T:  808.221.3217

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